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Swillis was telling me about his Mustang the other day while we were working on the CB550 winter project. This is what he said…

"It was my first car and it still runs like a beast. Friends told me to get rid of it for extra cash, but that would be like selling a piece of me. It’s what I dreamed of as a little boy when playing with my Matchbox cars in the dirt, or watching the “Dukes of Hazard."

I then asked Steve for an “epic” picture of his Pony for the Machine Shop blog, and he sent me the above shot with this message…

"I remembered that time I rescued the President from a global epidemic while Police helicopters chased us and a city burned. Good thing someone was there to grab this picture."

Steve “Swillis” Willis is a super fine art director at wwd&s. He was recommended to us by Greg Christman who is one of the better judges of talent we know.